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     In Palm Springs, California, we think the following are essential considerations to learning more about our welding inspection service. We serve the mines, water and steam generation facilities, natural gas and oil refining facilities, natural gas refining facilities, coal fired power generation, geothermal power, wind energy, and chemical process facilities. We have provided consistent excellent service, and we are considered one of the top-ranked companies in the industry, so you can have total trust in us.
Our inspectors are professionally accredited according to the requirements of the American Welding Society AWS-CWI QC1, and If your project is already underway or just starting, we will assist you every step of the way. The welding is checked by our experts, documented in a professional and easy to understand format, and always available to provide assistance when needed.

Inspection Service in Palm Springs, CA

Welding criterias are non-negotiable requirements for our AWS-CWI welding inspector. We will be strict about finding any inconsistencies that are not picked up by the code, and we shall enforce project rules accordingly. In order to assure quality and to ensure that the project specifications are recorded, we will maintain consistent documentation and reports.

Our staff works directly with the management team, and let them know if we find any welding issues so they can keep an eye on improving their process. One of our tasks is to adhere to relevant codes and jurisdictions, and ensure that the welded parts fulfill all the requirements. Operating a Palm Springs inspection company will require a clear understanding of the welding process and have the ability to solve problems as they arise. We are an established company in commercial and industrial design inspection, which affords us the ability to examine all types of major projects in a thorough and effective manner. Welding Procedure Specifications, Welder Qualification Records, Procedure Qualification Records serve to help you decide which consumables to use, what process, and which welding operator is best suited for your project. Let us help navigate the paperwork for you.

Onsite Palm Springs Welding Inspection

The importance of welding inspection in Palm Springs cannot be underestimated. To provide the kind of service our customers want and need is our mission statement and intent. Everyday welding problems may appear unusual, but do not worry because our seasoned weld inspection team is trained to find weld discontinuities that appear out of the ordinary. Process management risk factors have been utilized in the manufacturing and construction industries to keep potential weld failures to a minimum.

Every project’s success is directly related to the quality of the welds. An inspector who is very skilled is mandatory in the initial phases of construction, and can assist by delivering final top-notch quality weld reports in the end. This is an example of the team from the Palm Springs welding inspection service. When a weld discontinuity is found, we will make the required recommendations. We’re widely-recognized as the go-to local weld inspection business in Palm Springs, CA.
You will have no doubts about the integrity of our welding recommendations, and you can absolutely count on us.
We teach welders how to better their craft to become better welders. To qualify the welds to the engineer drawings, all of our CWI inspectors participate in joint inspection activities to boost overall weld quality. We will ensure the welders and foreman on the shop floor or in the field, maintain a high level of quality and safety on their jobs. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

We welcome you to use our support line if you need help with onsite inspection queries or services.  You may contact us toll free on the home page, click to call at the top, or scan the QR code below with your mobile device.

Mechanical and Structural Special Inspection

Palm Springs, CA

Any welding design, mechanical design, or construction project needs an on-site special inspector. We employ only trained special inspectors, and use AWS CWI certified welding inspectors to verify your project’s special inspection compliance. We will perform a thorough investigation to determine if your project’s welding and mechanical installation standards are being met by the IBC (International Building Code) or other engineering specified codes have been met. We operate as 3rd party special inspection depending on the environment. We witness and document all mechanical anchor bolt placement, material verification, calibration verification, toque verification, and special inspection welding inspections.

Welding Inspection

Palm Springs, CA NDT Service

     Any welding design, design, or construction project needs an on-site inspector. We employ confirmed, NDT ASNT-TC-1A American Society of Nondestructive Testing trained technicians, and use the AWS CWI certified welding inspectors to verify your project’s compliance. Our AWS CWI will perform welder qualification testing on projects to expedite the production process. We will perform a thorough investigation based on our observations and testing to determine if your project’s welding standards have been met. We report results of the project to the client in real time, and we provide 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party inspections tailored to construction companies and property owners needs. The most common methods of NDT we perform are listed below:

Magnetic Particle (MT Testing) and Dye Penetrant (PT Testing)

A discontinuity and subsurface crack detection method is used in Palm Springs, CA, from our NDT team. Magnetic Particle testing is best for looking for fine fractures and problems that are below the surface. Inspecting using dye penetrant or liquid penetrant (PT)  provides a good indication of surface discontinuities. Most codes call for boiler, piping, and tank examinations using these procedures.

Visual Testing (VT Testing)

This is the most common type of welding inspection that we offer. With our expertise and skills, we are able to assess the integrity of the weld using various types of weld gauges. VT inspectors examine the quality of the weld, and determine if it meets the minimum code requirements. Please note that Visual Testing inspection may not be the only type of inspection your project requires. Other NDE methods may be necessary for code compliance. 

Ultrasonic Testing (UT Testing) and Radiographic Testing (RT Testing)

Volumetric discontinuity testing comes in a few different ways. One is x-ray (RT) and the other is ultrasonic testing (UT) to check the quality of the weld deposit. UT and Radiographic Testing (RT) procedures are used to examine the internal fusion characteristics of the weld, and both are Nondestructive processes. Our inspectors regularly utilize these methods to provide detailed weld reports.

Destructive Weld Testing, Welding Procedure Qualification, and Welder Qualification testing.

Some aspects may require a destructive test, like qualifying a welding procedure specification (WPS). A destructive test is performed to prove the base material chosen can be joined with a particular filler metal. Bending a coupon is used to certify welders, and is required of a Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) test.

Palm Springs, CA Quality Control Welding Inspection

Our project goal in Palm Springs, CA is to make sure that your project meets engineering codes and specifications. We inspect all welded assemblies to verify requirements and procedures are in compliance. We will conduct any required quality inspection and test to ensure product quality is maintained. Accurate and thorough reporting is something we take great pride in, and is our trademark throughout the Palm Springs, CA area.  Often times this QA/QC information is required to satisfy Palm Springs commercial loan approvals on some commercial or industrial projects.

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     We’re proud to offer some of the highest professional caliber welding inspectors, and the most detailed welding inspection in the United States. Even where the welding was done properly, our clients choose to have a regular inspection performed as part of their maintenance procedure. Our inspectors are independently certified, highly qualified, and always ready to provide the best suggestions resulting in great solutions. Contact us to schedule an onsite appointment today.

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