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When you have a welding project in Long Beach, CA, there are so many things that need to be factored in. We are a professional company with expert welding inspection services offered for the mining, power generation, oil and gas, refining, geo-thermal, renewable energy, and process plant industries. Having been in the business for a couple of decades, you can trust us to give you the best services. All of our welding inspectors are AWS CWI QC1 certified, and we will handle any task irrespective of the size. Over the years, we have continued to perfect our services and as such, we will see it that you are getting the best solutions. Our inspectors take the responsibility of ensuring that your weld is intact and safe.

The location of the weld as well as the size and defects are the main thing that our AWS certified welding inspector will pay attention to. We will look for any imperfections and discontinuities that may not be permissible to the code. Our work is to ensure that the desired quality and documentation is achieved for all projects. When there are defects in the weld, we will point them out, document them, so that we can track the repair process. Our objective is to see that the welded component is mechanically sound per applicable codes. We have been in the business of welding inspection for decades. Our inspectors are highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced.

For all Long Beach, California commercial or industrial construction projects that entail welding procedures and specifications, give us a call. We have the best welding inspection services to provide you with our quality assurance.

Onsite Long Beach Welding Inspection

     There are tons of reasons why a great Long Beach welding inspection is necessary. Every welding project has an intended purpose and our objective is to see to it that the weld is stable and ideal for the application required. Our inspectors are involved in the quality control process and as such, they will assess the weld in detail. There are standards and codes that have been defined and these are meant to serve various welding fabrications. As such, it is imperative to have a qualified inspector to check the welding quality, during and after the work. In the event of weld discontinuities, we will make the necessary recommendations.

     We are a Long Beach, California company that understands the welding standards for different projects, and as such, you can trust us to offer the best recommendations. The size and dimensions of the fabrication will be the criteria used for the inspection. We have knowledgeable and experienced experts who will make sure that all the joints and welds are up to standard. Our specialists will use modern testing techniques and technologies to make sure that your welding application is perfect. All the NDT and CWI inspections are carried out by our professional and AWS QC1 qualified inspectors.

     During the inspection, we will engage with the welders and supervisors, and see to it that the desired standard is met. Contact us to be sure that the welding application is ideal and suitable for your application.  You may contact us toll free on the home page, click to call at the top, or scan the QR code below with your mobile device.

Mechanical and Structural Special Inspection

Long Beach California

When you have any mechanical or structural construction projects going on that require special inspection welding and fabrication, you need to have a welding inspector on-site. Our certified welding inspectors are AWS QC1 certified and have the relevant training to verify the work is in conformance to the applicable IBC (International Building Code) or other engineering codes. With our experience and skills, we are able to determine if the requirements and standards are met accordingly. We operate as 3rd party special inspection depending on the environment. We witness and document all mechanical anchor bolt placement, material verification, calibration verification, toque verification, and special inspection welding inspections.

Welding Inspection Long Beach California NDT Service

When you have any construction projects going on that require welding and fabrications, you need to have a welding inspector on-site. Our NDT and certified welding inspectors are AWS QC1 and ASNT SNT-TC-1A certified and have the relevant training to verify the work is in conformance to the applicable code. With our experience and skills, we are able to determine if the requirements and standards are met accordingly. We work with property owners as well as construction companies in Long Beach, CA, and have so many inspection methods that we can use. Some of the techniques we will use include:

Magnetic Particle (MT Testing) and Dye Penetrant (PT Testing)

Surface crack detection using Mag Particle or MT, is a type of method that our Long Beach, CA NDT team uses. This is ideal for checking for fine cracks and discontinuities on or near the surface. The other type of surface testing is liquid penetrant inspection or dye penetrant testing. As a requirement, a lot of companies use this as part of the maintenance for their tanks and pipe modifications.

Visual Testing (VT Testing)

This is one of most common types of welding inspections that we offer. With our skills and experience, we are able to look at the quality of the welding using various weld gauges. Our inspectors will look at the general quality of the welding and determine if meets the minimum code requirements. However, it is important to note that VT inspection may not be the only method of inspection you’ll need. We offer other NDE methods and compliant with the codes. 

Ultrasonic Testing (UT Testing) and Radiographic Testing (RT Testing)

In order to find volumetric discontinuities, the preferred method is x-ray and Ultrasonic testing to detect the integrity of the weld. We have ultrasonic (UT) and radiographic inspection (RT) techniques that can be used to test the internal fusion of the weld, and both methods are not destructive. Our inspectors will use these methods appropriately and will give you a comprehensive report.

Destructive Weld Testing, Welding Procedure Qualification, and Welder Qualification testing.

Destructive weld testing is a requirement for certifying a welding procedure specification (WPS). This is used to prove the material chosen can be joined with a particular filler metal. Bend testing a coupon is a way to qualify welders, and a requirement of the Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) test specimen or coupon.

Quality Control Welding Inspection in Long Beach

We’re everywhere on the west coast, and our mission is to ensure that your project is being handled in accordance to the applicable engineered code requirements. As such our welding inspectors will ensure that the welded component meets the defined quality requirements and acceptance. We have experienced CWI inspectors who will not leave anything to chance, and will not compromise on the quality of service delivered. We are committed to offering a full evaluation of the welded components for all types of welding projects in Long Beach, California and the surrounding areas. We will help you ensure that your welding is safe and reliable in every aspect, and you can trust us to provide the documentation you need.

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We are pleased to offer professional and the finest quality welding inspection in the US. Even where the welding was done properly, you should have a regular inspection as part of the maintenance. Our inspectors are provide the best solutions, are certified, and well qualified. Contact us to find out more and schedule an appointment today.

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