The Heart of Downtown San Diego CA

To categorize Downtown San Diego California in one specific way is equivalent to referring to a handcrafted microbrew as beer. Although technically speaking, microbrews are beers, when you truly get to know them, you can tell a stout from a porter by their color, clarity, scent, and flavor. You enjoy the variety of tastes, textures, and presentations, from the delicate to the striking. This is Downtown San Diego, a diverse community with seven unique districts that range from the discreetly lovely to the overtly dramatic. Your experience of San Diego will be that much richer if you take the necessary time to explore some of the Downtown’s subtleties.

History of Downtown
San Diego

Downtown San Diego was situated in Old Town until the mid-1800s. A small group of businesses decided to relocate Downtown near the San Diego Bay beachfront in order to improve shipping options. Until Alonzo Horton made a significant investment in the idea, they tried everything possible to make it work. All of that work paid off as a result, by the late 1880s, New Town had become home to the new Downtown. They had sewn the seeds of a thriving metropolis between the Santa Fe Depot of the transcontinental railway and the Broadway Pier of the bay. Today, the San Diego International Airport, San Diego Bay, I-5, and Barrio Logan form the northern, eastern, eastern, and southern borders of Downtown San Diego, often known as Centre City. The Civic Core, Columbia, Cortez Hill, East Village, Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, and Marina District are among its seven districts.


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