What are the advantages of having a certified welding inspector? Is it beneficial to hire one? Is it a good idea to get one if you want your job done right? The advantages are numerous and should not be overlooked.

One of the most important advantages is that they provide you with an impartial and objective view of the welds that you are attempting to weld. This gives you a better idea of the quality of the work that you have performed, and whether or not the job has been completed correctly. If you feel as though you are being cheated out of the money that you should be getting for your work by the company that you are working for, then you should definitely have a person come in and inspect the work that you have performed.

It is also a good idea to hire a certified welding inspector when doing a plant expansion. If you are replacing a plant piping system, this is a great time to make sure that the work is properly completed because it is required by the code. This is particularly true if you are doing a boiler project, such as swapping tube bundles, and you need that turnover documentation. A person that has been trained in the art welding inspection, will be able to give you valuable advice and help you choose the right process to do your mechanical project.

When you are remodeling a plant, another important part of the job is NDT. Many times, if an industrial plant does not have proper NDT done, the project will never be certified. You can also find it difficult to maintain a good standing with the Authorized Inspector in the future. If you do not feel like it is necessary for you to have a certified inspector come in to inspect your work, then you should certainly consider not performing any maintenance or perhaps selling the facility.  This is all the main advantage of hiring a certified welding inspector.

When it comes to your tools, one of the most important things to remember is that they need to be cleaned periodically. Your equipment will not do you any good if it is not clean and ready to go. Even if you are doing a minor weld repair or system overhaul, you need to make sure that the tools are clean and ready to go. Having your tools serviced regularly will ensure that they are always in tip-top shape.

In order to perform any major work on your facility, it will require that you maintain proper clearance. If you use an improper contractor, you may actually cause injury to yourself or to someone else by experiencing an explosion. By hiring a certified welding company that has an R or S Stamp (for example), you will know that you are using a qualified company, and that you will be able to complete virtually any repair, outage, or turnaround that you need to without risking your safety and compliance.

Any professional safety training that you have received will also benefit you. There are various training classes that you can take online or in the local area that will teach you about emergency safety techniques. This includes how to spot fire hazards, how to rescue others, how to use proper first aid techniques, and other emergency procedures.

While these are only a few of the many different advantages of getting a certified welding contractor to come in and handle your welding work, you can see that there are plenty of reasons to hire a professional certified welding inspector. In the end, the advantages of a certified welding inspector are blatantly obvious. So whether or not you feel you need to hire one, you should definitely consider it if you are looking to stay in business very long.